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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Today In Judaism-Tishrei 13, 5766/October 16, 2005

Today in Jewish History (Courtesy of Chabad.org)

• Passing of R. Akiva Eiger (1837)

Passing of Rabbi Akiva Eiger
[http://www.chabad.org/search/keyword.asp?kid=3538] (1761-1837),
outstanding Talmudist and Halachic authority.

• Passing of Rebbe Maharash (1882)

Tishrei 13 is the yahrtzeit of the fourth Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch,
Rabbi Shmuel Schneersohn, known as "Maharash" (a Hebrew acronym for "our
master Rabbi Shmuel").

Rabbi Shmuel was born in the town of Lubavitch on the 2nd of Iyar of
the year 5594 from creation (1834). His father was the third Chabad
Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel
[http://www.chabad.org/search/keyword.asp?kid=2226] of Lubavitch
(1789-1866). Though the youngest of Rabbi Menachem Mendel's seven sons, Rabbi
Shmuel was chosen to succeed his father as the leader of Chabad
Chassidism in the movement's capitol, Lubavitch, at the latter's passing in
1866 (four of his brothers established branches of Chabad in other towns
in White Russia and Ukraine).

In addition to authoring and delivering more than 1,000 maamarim
(discourses) of Chassidic teaching, Rabbi Shmuel was extensively involved in
Jewish communal affairs and traveled throughout Europe in order to
generate pressure on the Czarist regime to halt its instigation of pogroms
against the Jews of Russia. Rabbi Shmuel passed away at the age of 48
on Tishrei 13, 5643 (1882).

Links: More on the Rebbe Maharash

Daily Quote

A common misconception is that teshuvah ("repentance") is simply an
antidote to sin, and thus applies only to sinners and lowly people. In
truth, teshuvah is the soul's return to and restoration of its original
purity, and applies to every soul that has descended into the human

- Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi

Daily Study

Chitas and Rambam for today:

Chumash: Vezot Hab'rachah, 1st Portion Devarim 33:1-33:7 with Rashi
• English Text:

Tehillim: Chapters 69 - 71
• Hebrew text:
• English text:

Tanya: Iggeret HaKodesh, beginning of Epistle 22
• Lesson in Tanya:
• RealAudio:
• Windows Media:

• Sefer Hamitzvos:
• 1 Chapter: Mikvot Chap. 9
• 3 Chapters: Shabbat Chap. 21, 22, 23

Hayom Yom:
• English Text:


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