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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Torah Parshah: Bereishit
Book: Bereishit
Book Number: I

What Was Created Before The Universe?
Before G-D created the universe, G-D created seven concepts. Without these seven concepts the world wouldn't have been able to be created. The seven concepts are:
2.Teshuva (penance, return to G-D)
3.Gan Eden (Paradise)
4.Gehinnom (Hell)
5.The Kisay Hakavod (The Heavenly Throne of Glory)
6.The Bais Hamikdash (The Holy Temple in Jerusalem)
7.The Name of Moshiach (Messiah)

What Were These Seven Concepts Needed?
1.Torah-The world was created just for the Torah, we must all learn Torah.
2.Teshuva-Without teshuva, the whole world would have to perish because of G-D's judgment.
3.Gan Eden-To give a reward for the righteous.
4.Gehinnom-To punish the wicked.
5.The Kisay Hakovod-To manifest G-D's glory in the world.
6.The Bais Hamikdash-A place where the Divine presence could rest. However our sages tell us that this meant that the idea of the Bais Hamikdash was created before the universe, but the actual Bais Hamikdash was created when the Jews entered Israel.
7.Moshiach-The goal of this world is to bring Moshiach, therefore G-D had to create the name for Moshiach before creating the universe.

The Six Days of Creation
G-D created the world in six days and on the seventh day He rested.

The First Day
On the first day G-D created the heavens and the earth and a special light. How could G-D have created light on the first day when the sun wasn't put up in the sky until the third day? The answer is that the light that G-D created on the first day, was a special light and was hidden for the righteous in the world to come. This light doesn't need the sun. G-D also created the heavens and the earth on the first day, however the earth was fill of water and not a single dry spot could be found on the first day of creation.

The Second Day
On the second day G-D took the water that was filling the earth. He left half on the earth and put the other half on top in heaven. He then put the sky in the middle. G-D also created the angels on this day. The reason why the angels were created on the second day and not on the first day is to show that the angels didn't help with the creation of the earth and that G-D did everything by himself. On all the days G-D saw that his creations were good, however he didn't say anything on the second day. Why? Because G-D also created gehinnom (hell) on this day.

The Third Day
On the third day of creation G-D created dry land on earth. On the dry land G-D created trees, flowers, herbs, grass, etc. The water was angry at Hashem for having to be confined to the ocean and not the whole earth like it was before. The water threatened to flood the land because of it's unhappiness with G-D. However G-D spoke to the water and put a piece of clay with G-D's name on it in the ocean. When the piece of clay is there, the water can't flood the earth (G-D took the clay out during the flood of Noach). Gan Eden was also created on this day.

The Fourth Day
On the fourth day of creation G-D put the sun, moon, and stars in the sky. The moon complained to G-D that it wanted to be as bright as the sun. G-D told the moon that it will be as bright as sun when Moshiach comes, but then the sun will be seven times brighter what it is now!

The Fifth Day
On the fifth day of Creation G-D created the birds and fish. G-D also created this huge sea monster called Levyasan. When the Levyasan wants a meal it beats it's tail against the waves of the water, the fish are tricked into thinking that this is food for themselves, and they go over to the waves. The Levyasan then open up their huge mouths and eat the fish. Our sages teach us that in the future G-D will prepare a special meal for all the righteous out of Levyasan.

The Sixth Day
On the sixth day G-D created all the animals for the earth. G-D also said "Let Us Make Man" and so man was created from dust of the earth. The first man was called Adam. What is the meaning of "Let Us Make Man," who is G-D talking to? Our sages teach us that G-D is telling his angels that He is making man. The reason why He is telling them is because man was created in the angel's image and so to be fair to them,
G-D is telling them that He will be creating man. When G-D created Adam, G-D had Adam name all the animals. G-D saw that Adam was lonely and so He decided to make a mate for Adam. G-D created Eve, the first women out of Adam and G-D married them both. G-D put Adam and Eve in Gan Eden.

The Seventh Day
G-D created the entire world in six days. On the seventh day, G-D rested and He called this day Shabbos. Today after 5766 years after creation of Adam and Eve, we still celebrate Shabbos. Shabbos is a holy day and we aren't supposed to work. We are supposed to refrain from talking about business matters and only discuss Torah.

Adam and Eve in Gan Eden
G-D placed both Adam and Eve in Gan Eden. In Gan Eden they were told that they can do anything they wanted, except eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Adam and Eve are happy in Gan Eden. A snake tells Eve that the reason why G-D doesn't want them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge is because they will become like gods and G-D doesn't want them to become like Him, although this really wasn't the reason, Eve believes the snake and eats from the Tree of Knowledge. See as though nothing happened to her, she calls Adam over and has him eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Once Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, they see things a different way. Before they ate from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve only saw the good way of things, but now after eating from the Tree of Knowledge they now see evil and the true reason why they weren't supposed to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

The Punishments
G-D decided to punish the snake, Eve, and Adam and He did so in that order. G-D said to the snake that he will be sentenced to nine curses, which will be followed by death. The nine curses were:
1.Samael who instigated the snake to perform evil deeds will be ousted from his high position in heaven. Because of this curse, the snake lost of the power of his speech.
2.The snake will not be able to walk upright anymore because it's feet were cutoff.
3.The snake will be accursed more than all other animals.
4.The snake will be accursed more then all other beats.
5.The snake will shed it's skin every seven years in great pain.
6.The snake will have to slide on it's belly.
7.All food that the snake eats will taste like dust.
8.The snake will carry the poison of death in it's mouth.
9.Man will be able to just step on the snake and crush it's head.
10.And finally the snake will die.

G-D punished Eve before Adam because she ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge before he did. G-D punished her with nine curses and death. The nine curses were:
1.Women will experience the discomfort of menstruation.
2.Women will have discomfort during their first relations.
3.Raising children will involve great trouble and self-sacrifice (Kayin and Hevel were born as adults. It is only as a result of Eve's curse that the women have to go through the hardships in raising babies).
4.Your pregnancies will cause you distress and comfort (Eve was created so she could give birth to a child in one day, because G-D's original plan was for women to give birth to a child on the day they conceived).
5.Women will have to endure the pains of labor.
6.The woman's husband will dominate the woman but the woman will be unable to flee.
7.Woman's desire will be kept in her heart.
8.Women will not be allowed to appear in public without their hair becoming covered.
9.Women can't be accepted as witnesses for the Bais Din.
10.And finally death.

G-D did however give women three special mitzvos that only they can perform. The three mitzvos are:
1.Shabbos Candles.
2.Separating Challah from the dough.
3.The laws of nidda.

Adam's Punishment
G-D punished Adam with nine curses and then death:
1.Man's strength will be diminished.
2.Man's height will be reduced.
3.Man will become impure like zav.
4.Man will become impure as a ba'al keri.
5.Man will become impure through martial relations.
6.When man will sow wheat, he will harvest thorns.
7.Man must eat grass like the beasts.
When Adam heard that he must eat grass he asked G-D if he has to get food like animals? G-D told him that since he feels shame, man will eat bread instead of grass.
8.When man earns a livelihood, it will cause great sorrow.
9.Man will have to work for it with the sweat of his brow.
10.And finally, man must die.

Adam and Eve Must Leave Gan Eden
Adam and Eve had to leave Gan Eden because of their sin.

Kayin and Hevel
Eve gave birth to five children, to Kayin together with a twin sister and to Hevel who was born with two sisters. Kayin and Hevel both married their twin sisters, but Kayin wanted Hevel's sister. Although both Kayin and Hevel came from Eve, they had two every different characters. Hevel was righteous while Kayin wasn't. Hevel become a shepherd and would offer his best sheep to G-D, while Kayin became a farmer and would offer his worth and leftover fruit to G-D.

Kayin Kills Hevel
Kayin killed Hevel because he was jealous of him. Kayin buried the body and thought that G-D wouldn't notice. G-D punished Kayin for this and Kayin was killed by accident from one of his descendants who would go hunting. Lamech was Kayin's descendant and used to go hunting with his son, Tuval Kayin. Lamech was blind and his son Tuval Kayin would led him. Tuval Kayin once told his father that they see a beast and they shot at it, only after did they see that they shot a man, and it was Kayin.

Adam's Third Son
Adam had a third son, called Shais. From Shais comes all the descendents of the world. There were ten generations from Adam to Noach:

Adam Dies
Adam died at the age of 930 years old. G-D promised him that he live a thousand lives, but Adam saw that David would live for 3 hours and then die, so Adam donated 70 years of his own life to David.


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