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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Holiday Season is Over

Yes, Sukkos is over and now we have no special holidays until Channukah. For us in Yorba Linda, CA, it was, halakhically speaking, an interesting sukkos. Why? Because during the day before shkiah of the first day of Sukkos, it rained. More like stormed. And it had the previous day also. We were wondering: would it be difficult to eat in the sukkah? Would we just wuss out and not eat in the Sukkah? NO! Rav Eliezrie is too hardcore for that! :D But, B"H, the Rain stopped just before shkiah, and Hashem allowed us the mitzvah of eating in the sukkah, portending a good year for Klal Yisroel (at least in YL).

The Rav took this time to give the mostly unlearned Yidden of Yorba Linda a little chinnuch, and we learned the din about rainy conditions. You can find it in Maseches Sukkos, I currently can't remember where. It says that that if it gets so rainy that your soup tastes bad/is too mixed with water, you don't need to eat in the sukkah, except a k'zayis of bread on the first night.What kind of soup? Bean soup.

So, in the end, this Sukkos we learned three things: When your bean soup is bad, go inside, Rabbi Eliezrie hasn't eaten outside of a sukkah on Sukkos since Shmini Atzeres years ago in Florida somewhere (it wasn't there minhag), and if you make enough l'chaims, it can get, well, interesting.

-May this be a year of brocha and hatzlocha,

Daniel Jewell


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