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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Daniel Jewell, Blog Admin



My name is Daniel Jewell, and I'm the blog administrator. I am immersed in Torah learning, but I currently attend Cal State Fullerton to get a degree in Mathematics (minor in philosophy). I daven at the Chabad Shul in Yorba Linda. The shliach for North county is Rabbi David Eliezrie, a true tzaddik and one of the gedolim of Orange County.

Although I was not raised religiously, I have learned much and have progressed far in the last year. I have discovered that my passion for learning stems from my Jewish heritage. I honor them by studying Gemora and I gain great satisfaction from studying Daf Yomi, and from hearing shiurim by great poskim.

I have such a passion for halakha and spreading Jewish learning to all Jews, of all backgrounds. If a completely secular Jew such as myself, with a little curiosity, can, in a year, begin to study Daf Yomi and midrash, anyone can.

Kol Tuv,
Daniel Jewell


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